“Yo, What’s SUP?”

Well, for one thing it is the fastest growing watersport on the planet right now and seems to be popping up everywhere.

SUP is an acronym for the sport of “Stand up paddleboarding.” As the name implies, you stand up on a surfboard and paddle it with a long paddle. People say it’s a sensation like walking on water becauseyou have such a great perspective of the water while standing and it is definitely a neat sensation to find yourself way out from shore standing up on a 10 – 14’ long surfboard.

SUP is only one of a great many terms that are being used to describe this sensational water sport. It is also referred to as ‘paddleboarding’, ‘paddle boarding’, ‘standup’, ‘paddle surfing’, ‘standup paddling’, ‘standup paddle surfing’, or even just ‘paddling’.

To us it doesn’t matter what you choose to call it just as long as you get out and try it! Most often you’ll hear us at Liquid Lifestyle refer to it as paddleboarding.

Get out there and paddle board!

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