We are selling Paddleboards this season!

13 Dec We are selling Paddleboards this season!

Lots of people who rent from us ask the same questions as they consider their first paddleboard purchase?  “What is a good paddleboard?” “How much do they cost?”  “Why are some so cheap, and others so expensive?”

The thing I ask most people is how much are you going to use it and what are you going to use it for?

The definite answer is to not cheap out on a board.  Trust me on this one…. the first board I bought was $499.00.  I paddled it twice and took it back for a refund.  It looked like a paddleboard, felt like a paddleboard, paddled like a sheet of plywood.  I learned a valuable lesson on that one.

You don’t need to break the bank but you should consider it an investment in your fun and fitness lifestyle for years to come.  Your first board doesn’t need to be your lifelong board and the chances are that you will likely want more than one down the road.  Buy a good quality board you can grow with and if you treat it well you will easilly be able to sell it when you choose to buy another.  Lots of folks are interested in good used boards.

All that being said, Liquid Lifestyle is happy to say that we are selling Sup Atx boards this season,  We had the opportunity to paddle some of them in the Okanagan this past summer and we immediately fell in love with them.  They look great, they paddle great, and the prices on them are fantastic!  We’ve always felt that there was a void in the paddleboard market for a great board at a reasonable price.  It seems like every paddleboard manufacturer wants at least $1600.00 of your Canadian dollars to get you on the water on a good paddleboard,  Lighten up that paddleboard with carbon and add some length and performance and you could be spending $3000.00 or more.

The prices that we will be selling our Sup Atx boards at will be considerably less than other boards being sold in the Vancouver area.  We are stoked about that and can’t wait to pass those prices onto people who want a great paddleboard at a great price!

Here’s some more info on Sup Atx.

Why Buy SUP ATX?

SUP ATX is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and selling paddle boards directly online, through retailers and via large national chains. There’s a reason for this. By design, SUP ATX has found the perfect balance between quality, cost and volume with the benefit of first starter advantage. Put simply, SUP ATX knows how to make the best quality boards, using long lasting U.S. manufactured durable materials, has developed the most sophisticated packaging and shipping techniques and was founded by an entrepreneur-Internet pioneer who knows how to develop an online brand by connecting with and creating lasting meaningful bonds with the like-minded who care deeply and share a love for the sport of stand up paddling and its associated lifestyle. Combine all of this with the most experienced and knowledgeable management staff in the industry headed by managerial professionals. The result is a globally scalable, well-run organization that has successfully fulfilled its mission to spread the sport of SUP, from oceans to lakes and rivers, providing the best quality equipment, at the most reasonable prices possible, all backed by customer service that is second to none.

When you invest in a SUP ATX brand Board and Paddle, you’re not just buying another piece of water sports equipment. You’re becoming a part of a global movement and lifestyle which you and your children will look back upon in years, and even generations to come, and be proud to have been a part of creating.

Liquid Lifestyle is happy to pass all of this on to our paddleboard friends this season.  We’ll pass on more info as spring gets closer.

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Thomas and Tasha

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